Roots matter


Roots Matter

Not every book I read winds up being featured on my social media pages. Within the first few dozen pages of my current read, I knew that this would need to be one of those unnamed books.

Not because it is poorly written: there is serious skill in this author’s pen. Nor because it has no substance: without question, I will learn much from his words and his life.

But because of a spiritual error that seems pandemic in our age: our assumption that emotions–if sweet enough–somehow sanitize their sources.

Yes, we all ache to experience God.

But roots matter. If we disconnect our desire for spiritual experiences from the uniqueness of Jesus (as the Son of God) and His Word, we risk much.

Though I treasure my spiritual experiences with God, I would rather be emotionally dry yet in Christ, than emotionally giddy anywhere else.

Similar experiences do not automate similar sourcing. Without question, God moves in mysterious ways such as when He grants dreams of Jesus to those who have never heard the name of Jesus. Certainly, since the Creator’s fingerprints saturate every soul, we can learn from every soul. And yes, Christianity is an experiential religion in that it is relationally anchored in a Savior who still lives.

But we must be careful because our emotions can be moved by many things. Their movement does not make sacred what moved them.

bibleJesus did not die on the cross to give us good feelings but to give us eternal life. We walk with Him by faith, knowing that Christ is in us. (Col 1.27) Feel nothing or be overwhelmed with emotion–it changes Him not.

And when you observe others overwhelmed with emotion from a different source than Jesus–envy them not.

Roots matter.

 “And now, dear children, continue in Him.” 1 John 3:29



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  1. Your statement that “Jesus did not die on the cross to give us good feelings but to give us eternal life” really struck home with me. Our family has been through a few tragic moments lately and I kept wondering how I am still standing. Now I know it’s because God took over so my soul could rest and be rejuvenated. Thank you for your sharing your wise words of wisdom with us. God Bless you and your family!

  2. Thank you Alicia! I was just discussing this very subject with a friend this morning. Emotions can lead us astray, but God’s Word never will. I have also found union with Christ often surpasses human emotion. I appreciate your uncompromising stand for truth!

  3. Coming from a religious background that seemed to validate every true experience with Christ by emotional ferver, I have had to learn to trust God in the quietness of my soul and to affirm that He is with me, even though I feel very much alone at times. I believe He is maturing me.

  4. Thank you so much for this post. I’ve been in several “emotionally charged” events in the past few weeks, yet somehow walked away wondering what the outcome would be after all the hoopla was over. I thought feeling emotionally dry was a bad thing, but I do not feel far from God, so thank you for reminding us that He is our anchor no matter what.

  5. Well-written. The beginning of God’s relationship with us is through the cross. The intimacy of His Word spiritually disciplined into our days embarks us on a road of emotional security as opposed to emotional highs. Our lives flow in His immutability. Such a marvelous journey.
    Please pray for me as I pray for you.

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