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Alicia’s writing is the overflow of her personal study and devotion. If you’re reading Alicia for the first time, start with Anonymous: Jesus’ Hidden Years and Yours and then go to 40 Days of Decrease: A Different Kind of Hunger. A Different Kind of Fast.

Whether in written or spoken form, you’ll experience a grace-filled surgery through her messages. As Dr. Otis Moss III said of Alicia’s works, “This is the kind of writing that cuts and heals.” Darlene Zschech adds, “She writes with her whole heart laid bare . . . intuitive, prophetic, and profoundly inspiring.”


On the job, the undone may be a task. In our hearts, the undone is usIn reality, time isn’t the enemy.

Faster isn’t the answer. Undone isn’t the problem. And slow is actually part of the solution.

How To Grow On the Slow


Learning with Jesus amplifies God-consciousness, decreases self-consciousness, and reminds us that the goal of following Jesus isn’t avoiding mistakes, it’s attending with intentionality to His presence.

Turning Public Mistakes into Private Tutors


Regret empties anticipation, flattens dreams, and suffocates hope, because regret is a form of self-punishment. 

Hindsight helps us learn from the past, but regret beats us up with the past.

Fast Regret

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