Anonymous: Jesus’ Hidden Years and Yours

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    In winter are trees bare? Yes. In winter are trees barren? No. True life still is.

    The Father’s work in us does not sleep–though in spiritual winters he retracts all advertisement. And when he does so, he is purifying our faith, strengthening our character, conserving our energy, and preparing us for the future.

    The sleepy days of winter hide us so that the seductive days of summer will not ruin us. (page 3)

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    “Anonymous sits next to
    C.S. Lewis on my shelf.”
    Jennifer Rothschild
    Author and Speaker
    Jesus’ first three decades of life were mostly hidden. However, with his life (and with ours), it is critical that we not mistake unseen for unimportant. Hidden years are unapplauded but not unproductive. They are sacred spaces, to be rested in not rushed through and most definitely never to be regretted. In this personal, reflective book, Alicia helps us recognize the riches that God grows in us during uncelebrated seasons of our lives.

    The book and reflective study guide are all you need to study Anonymous as an individual or small group. Most individuals and groups will greatly benefit by the addition of the 7-teaching-segment DVDs which were recorded and formatted to accompany the study guide.

    Alicia’s heart as a mentor will be very evident as you walk through the penetrating reflective study guide. As a fellow pilgrim, Alicia guides each reader from glorious discovery to greater devotion as she skillfully weaves together relevant bible study and revealing questions. If you were hoping to skim the book, pass on this study. If you want to go deeper, you’ve found a guide!

    Format and Companion Options

    • Paperback: 184 pages, paperback, Thomas Nelson.
    • Reflective Study Guide: 108 pages, paperback, 7 -week study, synced with book and DVD’s. 
    • Small Group Study: 2 DVDs, 7 teaching sessions synced with book and Reflective Study guide. Bonus material includes Alicia’s testimony, endorsements, and the Anonymous book trailer. 
    • Study Bundle: 24% Savings! The bundle includes an Anonymous book and Reflective Study Guide together at a $6 discount. 
    • Audio Book Options
      • MP3 on 1 CD: MP3 files, featuring the voice of Alicia as the reader.
      • 4 CDs: 4 Compact Discs featuring the voice of Alicia as the reader.
      • Online download: featuring the voice of Alicia as the reader.


    1. Alicia’s conversational writing about our hidden years compelled me to share a teaching series for my church exploring the old question “what happened in Jesus’ hidden years?”
      The answer is found in this book; and how beautifully profound is that answer! Jesus modeled for us the power of knowing that in the hidden years we live with God our Father as our main audience!
      In Jesus’ humility of quiet he immersed himself in the scriptures and devoted himself to prayer. This book is a creative reminder for the faithful follower that we live for the glory of our Father in the anonymous years!

      Pete Kramer
      Pastor | Mission Hill Church
      Topeka Kansas

    2. In a public world which keeps making huge demands on everyone, Anonymous speaks to the necessary private world inside of us. Most books on leadership speak to the 10% of our public life while this one also addresses the critical 90% of our private life. I need messages like this to keep me balanced. I loved this book.

    3. How can I say it? Stunning. Brilliant. Penetrating. Incredibly insightful. A perspective of the temptation and hidden years of Jesus I don’t think anyone has seen as clearly as you have. It should become a Christian classic.

    4. Rarely have I read a book that so touched my heart. The book vibrated with a sense of Biblical authenticity. Although I had never met Alicia Britt Chole, I sensed that an intimate walk with the Lord had produced what should become a modern classic of devotional literature. I have recommended the book to senior mission leaders across the country.

    5. Not only have I seen miracles in my life based upon the truth and insights from Anonymous, I have seen miracles and encouragement in the lives of many of the people that I have referred the book to. It is food for the soul and I recommend it for every Christian.

    6. Alicia’s insights on Jesus’ “hidden years” serve as a map through the essential times of spiritual deserts where true character is forged and revealed. Anonymous reminds us that – in the wastelands – nothing is ever wasted. This is a modern classic from the pen of the seeker’s companion.

    7. I cannot recommend this book more highly. You will not regret having read it. Don’t read it rapidly. Read it slowly. Mull over it and let it mull over you.

    8. Anonymous bristles with the wisdom that instructs us to treasure times of solitude in the desert places and conditions of life, since pain does not define us – it refines us.

    9. I was sitting with a bunch of girlfriends when ‘Anonymous’ was brought to our attention. We started reading it out loud… and I will never forget the impact it immediately had on our hearts. This book will truly lift your spirits, and nurse your heart to health through any season where you feel overlooked, forgotten or you are walking through a silent season. Be encouraged… Anonymous is for you.

    10. Whether you are a pastor or lay member, seasoned saint or initial convert, you will find yourself being lovingly corrected and encouraged through Anonymous. It is a must read for anyone who takes the path to maturity in Christ seriously.

    11. Alicia Chole has a unique way of framing truth. Her heartfelt and thoughtful words penetrate the soul and make you feel and think in new ways. And when I read what Alicia has written, I don’t just feel like I know her. I feel like she knows me.

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