This book may read you.

Formatted as 52 experiences in unhurried honesty with God, The Sacred Slow reminds readers on every page that God never wanted to use them: He always wanted to love them.

The tone is personal, practical, and penetrating. The fruit is sustainable (as opposed to event-based) nearness with God.

Experienced devotionally or in small groups, each chapter features a short but unexpected reading and two options for application: a thought focus or a heart exercise. The content is the overflow of Dr. Alicia Britt Chole’s thirty-plus years as a spiritual mentor to leaders and learners.

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(276 pages, paperback, Thomas Nelson, includes a fold-out Life Scroll)


In our hurried, busy age, faster has become a synonym for better, and experience has become a substitute for intimacy.

The problem, however, is that faster experiences do not make better relationships with people, or with God.  

Welcome to The Sacred Slow: A Holy Departure from Fast Faith.

Formatted as 52 experiences in unhurried honesty with God, The Sacred Slow reminds readers on every page that

God never wanted to use them: He always wanted to love them.

The tone is personal, practical, and penetrating. The fruit is sustainable (as opposed to event-based) nearness with God!


The Sacred Slow (TSS) – An Overview

52 carefully crafted readings, guided reflections, and response options

Can be experienced individually or in small groups

The overflow of Alicia’s 30+ years as a spiritual mentor

Toolbox with God-Print and Personal Inventory exercises

12-week Group Facilitator Guide

4-page, fold-out Life Scroll

Click here to watch a 12-episode video companion!


If you have the ebook, would like a draft copy, or want to attach 2+ scrolls together to give yourself more writing room, click below to download a copy of the Life Scroll.



Alicia has poured thirty years and countless hours into The Sacred Slow, asking the reader to breathe, to think, to dig deep, to see soul health restored, and in turn, to see the joy of daily living reinstated. With my whole heart, I endorse not only the book but the writer, who lives as she writes and walks as she asks us to. Take the time and dive in deep.

-Darlene Zschech Pastor  worship leader, author
In The Sacred Slow, Alicia provides a corrective call away from addiction to experiences and into developing intimacy with God. With the care of a seasoned spiritual director, she lovingly takes us on a deliberate journey into points and places of transparency and closeness with God that can only occur over time. It is a journey well worth taking.
-Bishop Claude R. Alexander Jr. Senior pastor, The Park Church, Charlotte, NC
This book is simply stunning. Whether you’re exhausted by emptiness or worn thin from the weariness, you’ll discover healing, restoration and the God-life waiting for you in these pages. That gut-level gnawing sense that there’s got to be more, well, it wasn’t your imagination. This book will help you spelunk the depths of God like never before.
Margaret Feinberg, author of Flourish

Alicia Britt Chole is a trusted guide to help you live present to the God who is already present to you. In The Sacred Slow, she distills from her thirty-plus years of experience mentoring others to provide not only biblical concepts but practical tools for application that can help us enter God’s sacred invitation to go deeper in life with him.

Joshua Ryan Butler Pastor at Imago Dei Community (Portland, OR)
author of THE PURSUING 

The Sacred Slow is the fruit of a carefully crafted and vetted mentoring sequence that stresses process over product and demonstrates that without shabbat there is no shalom. It wonderfully portrays the often-missing skills of listening, stillness, waiting, and attentiveness that are critical components of abiding in Jesus.

Kenneth Boa Reflections Ministries, Atlanta, GA

The Sacred Slow is a must-read for any Christian who wants to understand the true secret to intimacy with God.

Jennifer Keitt
Nationally syndicated radio host of THE JENNIFER KEITT SHOW

In The Sacred Slow, Alicia cuts and cures. As I read, I felt she was reading me—and in my faith journey with me. Alicia has accepted that pain is often a gift, so her story is transformational, without bringing attention to herself. I wouldn’t have missed dwelling in this book!”

Gail MacDonald Author of HIGH CALL, HIGH PRIVILEGE; serves as chancellor and wife at Denver
Seminary alongside her husband, Gordon MacDonald

Every now and then you come across a person whose presence and writing has a sense of the sacred. When you read Alicia’s writing, you quickly know she is a person who has a deep, rich, winsome, and life-giving relationship with God. This book is a wonderful blend of insight, inspiration, and invitation.

Lance Witt Founder, Replenish Ministries

Alicia is a trusted and gentle guide offering profound wisdom and thoughtfulness into a new way to live. Quietly and slowly taking time with these pages will change your life.

Nathan Foster Director of community life, Renovaré; author of THE MAKING OF AN ORDINARY SAINT

Dr. Alicia Britt Chole practically explains how to reorient your life so that rather than living for God (or anything else) you learn to live with God—a subtle shift that offers life-giving fruit. In an age full of cacophonous distraction, The Sacred Slow has the power to lead you on a spiritual journey that will truly change your life.

Dr. Holly Carlson Zhao Neuropsychologist; director of the Center for Optimal Brain Health



Alicia designed The Sacred Slow to be experienced in community. She has included facilitator notes, suggested memory verses, further study links, and more discussion questions than you’ll ever need in the ToolBox in the back of the book.

And…be sure to click here to access twelve 30-minute teaching videos to accompany the twelve sections of the book!! 

Meet Alicia

In person and in print, Dr. Alicia Britt Chole’s words perform grace-filled surgeries. Her voice is soothing, her manner is calm, and her messages are piercing. Men and women, learners and leaders, across ethnically diverse groups agree: In a culture obsessed with all-things-new, Alicia brings ancient truth to life.

An intriguing wordsmith, skillful mentor, and international speaker, Alicia’s award-winning writings have been featured in Christianity Today, FaithGateway, YouVersion, Propel, and Guideposts. Alicia holds a DMin in leadership and spiritual formation from George Fox Seminary and serves as the founding director of Leadership Investment Intensives , a nonprofit that provides customized soul-care for leaders in business and ministry.

Alicia lives in the Ozarks of Missouri with her husband, Dr. Barry Jay Chole and their three amazing children (all Choles through the miracle of adoption). Among her favorite things are thunderstorms, jalapeños, wild woods, and pianos in empty rooms.

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Intimacy with God is attainable. It’s just not accidental. @aliciachole #thesacredslow
Faster experiences do not produce better relationships with people or with God. @aliciachole #thesacredslow
Time is not the enemy, faster is not the answer, undone is not the problem, and slow is actually part of the solution. @aliciachole #thesacredslow
The glorious mystery is that listening for God holds power whether or not anything is heard. @aliciachole #thesacredslow
The Word heard is not enough. It must be heeded. @aliciachole #thesacredslow
Though God is immutable, our concepts of Him are not. What we choose to think about matters, a lot. @aliciachole #thesacredslow


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