Until the Whole World Knows




Spiritual snobbery is shackling the Church, relegating strategic workers to the shadows.

Alicia Britt Chole suggests that God applauds obedience, not position, and that His call leads some to the pulpit and some to politics, some to the arts and some to accounting. Our response then is to live missionary in purpose and strategic in placement wherever our infinitely creative God’s “follow Me” plants us.

Purposefully interactive, Until The Whole World Knows is an excellent curriculum for life groups, Christian education, personal devotions, and mentoring relationships. This world-view altering Bible study is designed to fill eight 90 minute meetings with substance, discovery, and application.

Each week’s lesson includes a selected reading, an interactive warm-up, a teaching guide, discovery questions, and further study suggestions. Additionally, the appendix includes weblinks and suggested resources for children.


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