Special Needs

(As April is Autism Awareness month, today I’m offering my first writing on special needs from Pure Joy, published by Thomas Nelson in 2003.)

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Special Needs


“Special needs,” the doctor said, and all of the specialists nodded their heads.

“Special needs,” written in whispers of ink over my child’s life.

A life that in so many ways has more to give, more to offer, more to share than mine.

My son is more than precious to me.

His smile warms my very soul.

He sees purely, feels deeply, and loves sincerely.

His hug holds more healing than all the doctors in the world.

His “I love mommy” carries more weight than all the applause of mankind.

His special needs sing a duet with special strengths.

His love is not choked by the fear of rejection.

His opinions are not bribed by flattery or praise

His giving is not oppressed by worry for tomorrow.

I, too, have special needs.

I need to be more like my special son.

“A special gift,” the Creator said, and the heavenly host all nodded their heads. 

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  1. God has blessed our family with a special granddaughter💗 She is so special to us because she shows us Gods love! She gives the most loving hugs, complete with tender pats on our shoulder! She melts into our hearts as she shows us her love, joy, peace, hopes, and her unceasing babbaling and expressions of love! She has brought the family together and makes us complete 💗 I have found and have engaged myself closer to Jesus – I feel my personnel relationship with my Lord has developed 10 folds because I’m understanding patience, endurance and love much more abundantly. We are here to love each other as Christ loves us – and it’s simple to understand when we see our granddaughter loving others this way☺️🤗

  2. I absutely love what you wrote. I feel often we are more blessed than burdened as people might belueve. I myself do not have a “special needs” child but what you wrote was pure passion and love and I was truly blessed by it .

  3. Awww, this touches my heart. My son has Autism and loves like Jesus, unconditionally. He does see the world differently but still loves and cares. He loves church,worshiping, and Jesus. We all need to learn from the “special needs”,they truly have a lot to give. I’m so Blessed to have him even through the difficult days.

  4. Once again Gods timing is impeccable. I so needed this reminder of the precious gift my daughter truly is. Her special needs sing a duet with special strengths. Can’t say thank you enough!!

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