Resurrection Sunday is always mo3 crossesving but it was deeply moving this year.

I have been soaking in it as opposed to trying to understand it. Some moments are too holy to dissect and graph.

But I am aware of three recent experiences that have together heightened my awe of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

First, the unspeakable honor of hearing from some how the 40 Days of Decrease experience has affected their view of Jesus in general and the crucifixion in particular. It is really beyond the reach of my words to express how humbling it is to be gifted with a glimpse of Jesus’ work in us and, grace upon grace, through us.

Second, Bear and I returned from Houston just before Good Friday with an “all clear” from my oncologists. No cancer. No biopsies. No concerns.

Third, on Saturday, our family watched The Letters about Mother Teresa’s whose life and loyalty always inspire me. After learning more about her journey through some 50-60 years of not sensing God, my eldest, Jonathan, said, “So feeling God isn’t the fruit of knowing God. That’s good to know.”

Yes it is.

Faith is believing that God is with us and that God is for us regardless of what we do or do not feel.

Our feelings do not create His presence.

And if you have ever heard me speak or read anything I have written or given me the joy of walking with you as a mentor, you have heard me utter these words again and again: God is profoundly with us.

Today I want to shout the words: GOD IS PROFOUNDLY WITH US.

Our greatest shout does not thicken His presence. Our greatest doubt cannot thin His presence.empty tomb

Because…our faith-y emotions are not what raised Him from the dead.

The disciples were hiding in fear.

They did not believe even when they heard the angel’s testimony.

No, our corporate believe-o-meter was really (as in abysmally) low.

God’s Spirit raised Jesus from the dead. (Romans 8:11)

So feel nothing or see stars, spend 60 years in a spiritual dark night or spend 60 minute lost in love in worship…His love for you changes not.

He is with you. God is with you.

May we align every thought with this glorious and grace-saturated reality.

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