Resurrection Sunday

Resurrection Sunday is always mo3 crossesving but it was deeply moving this year.

I have been soaking in it as opposed to trying to understand it. Some moments are too holy to dissect and graph.

But I am aware of three recent experiences that have together heightened my awe of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

First, the unspeakable honor of hearing from some how the 40 Days of Decrease experience has affected their view of Jesus in general and the crucifixion in particular. It is really beyond the reach of my words to express how humbling it is to be gifted with a glimpse of Jesus’ work in us and, grace upon grace, through us.

Second, Bear and I returned from Houston just before Good Friday with an “all clear” from my oncologists. No cancer. No biopsies. No concerns.

Third, on Saturday, our family watched The Letters about Mother Teresa’s whose life and loyalty always inspire me. After learning more about her journey through some 50-60 years of not sensing God, my eldest, Jonathan, said, “So feeling God isn’t the fruit of knowing God. That’s good to know.”

Yes it is.

Faith is believing that God is with us and that God is for us regardless of what we do or do not feel.

Our feelings do not create His presence.

And if you have ever heard me speak or read anything I have written or given me the joy of walking with you as a mentor, you have heard me utter these words again and again: God is profoundly with us.

Today I want to shout the words: GOD IS PROFOUNDLY WITH US.

Our greatest shout does not thicken His presence. Our greatest doubt cannot thin His presence.empty tomb

Because…our faith-y emotions are not what raised Him from the dead.

The disciples were hiding in fear.

They did not believe even when they heard the angel’s testimony.

No, our corporate believe-o-meter was really (as in abysmally) low.

God’s Spirit raised Jesus from the dead. (Romans 8:11)

So feel nothing or see stars, spend 60 years in a spiritual dark night or spend 60 minute lost in love in worship…His love for you changes not.

He is with you. God is with you.

May we align every thought with this glorious and grace-saturated reality.

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Posted On: 28 Mar 16


  1. Thank you Alicia for your thoughtful and helpful words. I am an Analytical type person who tends to rush past emotions. So sometimes I think that because I don’t feel gushy about God, and because I feel uncomfortable at times with emotional corporate worship, I must be simply performing a function rather than living my faith. However, I love my family in a similar way – doing things for them in preference to just being with them; being “Martha” more than “Mary”. I think your son Jonathan is a wise and discerning young man.

    Thank you also for your book, ‘FOURTY DAYS OF DECREASE.’ I belong to a non-sacramental church which doesn’t practise fasting or lent in an obvious way, although it does have a period of self-denial during the Lenten period in which we raise money for missionary service. Your book, which I found through the Australian Vision Radio App on my phone, has been a useful resource in deepening my understanding of Lent and its purpose in our journey of faith. I plan to walk through this book again during Lent 2017 and look forward to an even deeper encounter with Jesus.

    May God continue to use you and bless you for His good purpose.

  2. Tina

    Thank you, Alicia, for this message today! God is with us, whether we feel like He is or not.

    Thank you for 40 Days of Decrease during Lent! I learned about it from the Hope Unlimited Church website in Australia. I live in the USA, but consider myself an online member of Hope UC because I love the Pastors Darlene and Mark Zschech and have the highest respect for them and all their church does. I love your writings! They stir my soul. Thank you and may our Lord Jesus bless you!

  3. Rejoicing with you in Christ for favor in your health report. Also want to thank you for the “Days of Decrease” blog posts.

  4. Rejoicing with you re your good health report!!
    After reading your “Decrease” devotional during the Lenten season, Easter morning was breath taking for me as I felt as if time stopped and I experienced a glimpse of eternity.

    I really needed to hear Alicia’s words this morning as I start my day—reminding me that God is profoundly for me.
    Praise God!

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