Real Life, Real Pain and a Real God CD




If God has ever not been who you thought he was, if you have ever not been who you hoped you were, if the people of God have ever not been who you needed them to be…then Real Life, Real Pain, and a Real God will speak deeply to you.

In this insightful but intensely practical series, Alicia examines disillusionment not as failure but as the “painful gaining of reality about God, ourselves, and each other.” This teaching series will encourage any soul. But over the years several groups have described Real Life as a life-saver: leaders, those who have been wounded in the Church, and those who are struggling with the goodness of God.

The 3.5 hour teaching is divided into 25-35 min. tracks. The first section addresses Disillusionment with God, the second journeys through Disillusionment with Self, and the third (which accounts for half the teaching) dives into Disillusionment With Those People Who Call Themselves Christian.

A 10-page study guide can be downloaded from CD1. Simply place your CD in a computer, click on the “my computer” icon, open up the CD drive and click to download or print your note set.


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