• Ready, Set, Rest Vol. 1 The Practice of Prayer Retreating

RSR Vol. 1 The Practice of Prayer-Retreating

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(from Chapter 4) Instead of an opportunity for sermon prep or writing or admin or catch-up, I view these set-apart spaces of prayer like the expensive perfume poured out by the woman on Jesus’ feet before His betrayal. These retreats are love offerings: gifts with no strings attached. Neither to receive an answer nor to resolve a problem, the retreats are for whispering, “I love You.”

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In Volume 1 of the Ready, Set, Rest series, Alicia offers practical guidance for embarking on your first–or enhancing your hundredth–prayer retreat. The Practice of Prayer-Retreating is available in two formats: (1) the print version which is 64 full-color pages in an 8.5 x 5.5 booklet format, and (2) the e-version which can be downloaded for free by subscribing to Alicia’s monthly letters on the homepage.

The Practice of Prayer-Retreating draws upon over twenty years of experience in developing this underestimated discipline. Each short chapter includes practical as well as inspirational content as concludes with a reflective questions and journaling space.

Chapter titles include The Why, Working to Rest, Honest Beginnings, Dates and Spaces, Packing to Go, and Waiting.

Sample journaling prompts include:

  • List any “what ifs” you are bringing into your prayer-retreating adventure.
  • Consider the connection between repentance and rest. In what ways might avoiding one affect the other?
  • Honestly journal any thoughts about what you feel would make your retreat “successful.” Then invest a few minutes asking God if He agrees.

This booklet is ideal for individual or group use. Churches and organizations may want to gift their tribes with a copy to encourage the discovery of this powerful discipline.

In Mark 6.31 Jesus said, “Come away with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” Alicia’s little booklet is offered as a guide to all who desire to say, “Yes!”



  1. I loved this book! I downloaded it after subscribing to your email newsletter … after the first chapter I knew the book was just for me, at this season of my life. My husband and I planted a church in New England this year, God has helped us tremendously but I have personally found myself exhausted. The first chapter had me in tears…God was speaking through the words into my heart. Thank you for writing it. I look forward to putting into practice the practice of ‘prayer retreating’.

    • Oh, Holly, I do pray that the booklet is helpful for you! Some retreats–especially ones that I enter emotionally or physically weary–I simply cycle from worship to rest…to worship and back to rest. It feels like a soul spa :-). Each retreat seems like another layer of a powerful iceberg…gathering mass and slowly altering my spiritual landscape. Enjoy!

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