127 words on prayer

The Prayer Retreatwhole rest

48 hours.

Unplugged from the internet.

Hot teas.

Books with pages.

Comfy throw blankets.

My softest pillow.

Walks through the woods. Long pauses on the dock. Aimless hours with Beethoven and Bach.

Favorite Bible. Current journal. Plenty of paper. Loads of time.

Time to be.

Time to be with Jesus.




Together we will rest. Together we will read. Together we will walk.

And together we might cry. Together we might laugh. Together we will dance.

Because the prayer retreat is really a gift, not a quest;

a celebration, not a searching.

God is not lost.

 I have been found.

This is more of a soaking than a reunion.

For God, Himself, is my true home.

And 48 hours refreshes that address.


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Posted On: 2 May 16

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  1. I’m currently on my annual Pre-Mother’s Day P.R.and I found you and your ministry and writings, the same week as my departure. A God Wink? The answer has proven to be a resounding “YES!” 😉✨
    Thank you for your heart for the Father Alicia and for signing my Book: “40 Days of Decrease” @ the Oklahoma Leadership Conference! I had the pleasure of standing in your humble presence and thanking you for your message that morning on, “The difference between Deborah and Jezebel and their leadership”..and telling you that you left significant WORDS with me. 😉❤️
    I hope our paths will connect again! God Bless you!

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